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Size :
1" - 3.5"
Diameter :
2mm - 3.2mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smooth Shank Nails?

A smooth shank nail is a type of nail that features a straight and ungrooved body. The smooth surface provides less grip than other shank types, but allows for easier insertion. It's commonly used in general construction and carpentry where high holding power is not required.

What are three different types of nail shanks?

Nail shanks can be categorized into three primary types:
Smooth Shank: As mentioned, these have a straight, ungrooved body and are used for general purposes.
Ring Shank: These nails have circular rings along the shank, providing additional holding power. They are often used in decking and roofing applications.
Screw Shank: Also known as spiral shanks, these are twisted, offering even more grip. They are used where strong holding is essential, such as in framing or flooring.

What are the types of shank?

The shank types of a nail refer to the design of the nail's body. They are primarily categorized into the following types:

1.Smooth Shank
2.Ring Shank
3.Screw or Spiral Shank
4.Fluted Shank: This type has grooves or flutes along the body, providing additional friction.
5.Barbed Shank: Designed with barbs along the length for even more holding power.

Different shank types are used in various applications, depending on the requirement for holding power, ease of insertion, and other factors.

What are smooth shank nails used for?

Smooth shank nails are typically used in applications where high holding power is not a primary concern. They are ideal for fastening wooden structures, interior trim, and other general carpentry tasks. The smooth design allows for easy driving but provides less resistance to withdrawal.

What is the shank diameter of a nail?

The shank diameter of a nail refers to the thickness of the body of the nail. It is a critical factor in determining the nail's holding power and suitability for various applications. Here's a table showcasing common nail sizes and their corresponding shank diameters:
Nail Size Shank Diameter (inches)
4d 0.099
6d 0.113
8d 0.131
10d 0.148
16d 0.162
The above table represents typical shank diameters for common nail sizes, but it may vary slightly based on the manufacturer and specific application requirements.