Screw Shank

Coil Nails in particular can bend easily and can be feeded into a gun without any difficulty. High Quality Coil Nails in smooth, ring and screw shanks can be customized as per our customers specifications.
Size :
1" - 3.5"
Diameter :
2mm - 3.2mm
Package method :
Coil Nails

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Screw Shank, and How Is It Designed?

A screw shank, also known as a spiral shank, is a type of nail shank characterized by its twisted or helical design. This twisting resembles the threads of a screw, providing exceptional holding power as it binds with the material. The design ensures that the nail resists pull-out forces, making it suitable for applications demanding strong connections.

What Are the Primary Applications for Screw Shank Nails?

Screw shank nails are commonly used in applications that require a robust and secure connection. They are ideal for:
Framing: Building structural frames where stability is crucial.
Flooring: Preventing movement and squeaks in floorboards.
Decking: Ensuring long-lasting connections in outdoor structures.
Heavy-Duty Construction: Where high resistance to withdrawal is required.

How Do Screw Shank Nails Compare to Smooth and Ring Shank Nails?

Screw shank nails offer more holding power than both smooth and ring shank nails. While smooth shanks are easy to drive but offer less grip, and ring shanks provide a good balance of holding and ease of use, screw shanks are designed for maximum grip. The helical design binds with the material, making them less prone to withdrawal but more challenging to drive.

Are There Different Varieties of Screw Shank Nails?

Yes, screw shank nails come in various lengths, diameters, and materials. They can be made from galvanized steel for corrosion resistance or other specialized alloys. The choice depends on the specific application, environmental conditions, and structural requirements. Manufacturers often provide guidelines to help select the right variety.

Why Choose Screw Shank Nails Over Other Types?

Choose screw shank nails when:
Maximum Holding Power Is Required: Such as in structural framing or heavy-duty construction.
Long-Term Stability Is Essential: To prevent loosening over time or under environmental stress.
Expertise Is Available: As they may require more skill and the right tools to use effectively.